2MoRO Software works with customers from diverse backgrounds including Aerospace OEMs, Repair Centers and Operators (Airlines, Military, UAV, light and very light aircraft)

We collaborate with A&D Giants (including joint ventures and subsidiaries) small / medium sized enterprises, and very small or pilot owners.

More than 20 customers across the globe trust 2MoRO for their IT system because we truly understand their business needs.

Airbus Helipcopters, formely Eurocopter, is a division of Airbus Group a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. 

LC peru is a leading Peruvian regional airline, carrying out the scheduled and chartered transportation of passengers and freight in the country.

Safran Aircraft Engines designs, develops, produces and sells engines for commercial and military aircraft, launch vehicles and satellites.

Helisur is the Peruvian leader for chartered air transportation of cargo and passengers, and operates a fleet of seventeen Mil helipcopters

Engine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines engages in the development, manufacture and support of commercial and military aircraft engines in all thrust and power categories and stationary gas turbines.

Rolls-Royce is a major manufacturer of aero engines for all sectors of the Airlines and Business Aviation market.

Zodiac Aerospace offers aircraft equipment and on board systems for commercial, regional and business aircraft as well as helicopters.  

MTR is the program management company responsible for the turboshaft engine MTR390-2C and is jointly staffed by the partners companies.


Helinka is a special helicopter alr service company whose operation' office is located in Lima. 




Aviasur is a Chilean company that offers comprehensive aviation services.


Peruvian Airlines is a domestic airline which operates and maintains its Boeing 737 fleet.

Flair air has a positive reputation in Canadian Aviation with a strong and established ownership group, excellent industry relationships, and an experienced management team. 

Flying-Cam (founded in Belgium in 1988) designs, manufactures and operates Award-winning unmanned helicopter.  Today, Flying-Cam operates from Hong Kong, Beijing and Los Angeles, with R&D team based in Europe. 

Strictly adhering to aviation standards from the start is the background of collaboration between 2MoRO and Flying-Cam.

CFM combines the resources, engineering expertise and product support of two major aircraft engine manufacturers : Snecma of France and GE of the U.S.


Lineas Aereas Surameri canas S.A (LAS Cargo) is an air cargo company with over 40 years exeperiences


Airbus product the most modern and most comprehensive family of aircraft on the market.

Utair is a modern, first class, competitive Russian airline conducting its activities on market principles and striving towards maximum transparency while aiming to provide a whole new level of passenger service.

Dassault Aviation is a French Aerospace and Defesne company. They design and build military aircraft, business jets and space systems. Their flagship product is the Rafale, a multirole fighter aircraft used by different countries around the world.


The main expertise of Helileo is dedicated to applications requiring a high reliability, integrity and precision.

OEM Defence Services provides integrated industrial support solutions to meet the specific needs of military customers, while striving to be as cost effective as possible. 

Driven by the vision to be recognized leader in the design, supply and service of industrial products for their markets. 

Safran Helicopter Engines, is world leader on the helicopter engine market.

Thales teams throughout the world are driven by a quest for performance and innovation to deliver critical strategies effectively.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a Japanese multinational engineering, electrical equipments and electronics company. Among other capabilities, they design and product aerospace and aircraft components. It is one of the biggest defense contractor in the world.

Liebherr is primarily engaged in the following products: Earthmoving machines, material handling machines, mobile and crawler cranes, cargo handling cranes and mining trucks.

MHS Aviation is a succesful business that has been active in the sector for over 30 years. 

Diehl Aerospace is the leading supplier of avionics systems and lighting concepts for civil and military aircraft.

Quest Innov is a French company developing solutions to secure and adjust process to improve eficiency during harvesting. Few exemples of the features: to monitor crops and machines evolutions in real time, to optimize the number of trucks needed, and to ensure reporting from fields to factory.

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