We are very pleased to introduce the new release of Aero One®! The version 4.4 offers even more integration between the Aero One® Maintenance Execution module and the Purchasing module in SAP Business One!

Imagine a hub where you can access, track and manage your complete purchasing requirements to match operational needs. ...This sounds great, doesn’t it?

Aero One now offers that hub and makes procurement process easy as 1.2.3!

Either for purchasing inventory items or services, no need to switch between different modules and screen, you don’t lose time and energy!

Save administrative time when preparing supplies for upcoming work.

You know that the completion of a specific repair task requires outsourcing services (e.g. composite repair, STC, etc.)? Add this purchasing requirement directly in the task referential, just like you would do for material or components. Now the outsourced service will be automatically taken into account for upcoming work-pack supply preparation. 

Moreover, you can now access purchase management features directly from the work ordersyou are working on! In a snap, create purchase request or purchase order!

The purchase orders are linked to the work order and consequently can be integrated to sales quotations. Once received, the purchase order is directly linked to the sales order for invoice.

Accordingly, accurate information of all procurement needs and documents in relation with the work order requirements is made available to purchasing department! A quick look through a dedicated cockpit (the Related Purchase Document object) and you can check the statement of the purchase documents, it is just that easy!

We look forward to helping you improve your procurement experience thanks to Aero One®4.4! Ask us now for the new version!