Aero One® 4.5 is now compatible with SAP Business One 9.1 and we are definitely eager to deliver this new version to our clients! This release of Aero One® will considerably enhance their inventory item management’s experience thanks to the new multi-branches features and cost valuation based on serial numbers. We also take advantage of this new release to increase the flexibility on bi-monthly and monthly control for the crew assignment.

Let's have a quick look of the real business benefits of those brand-new features!

Inventory item cost valuation based on serial or batch number

When integrating or reintegrating a part in stock for maintenance, you can now set valuation for serial numbered or batch numbered item. It means that cost variances are now reflected in the part profitability and profitability can be calculated for a specific serial number or batch!

Multiple branches function splits transactions by business unit

Aero One® 4.5 has been enhanced to manage warehouses by branches for maintenance related stock transactions. This functionality is obviously fully compatible with the Multi-Branch management of SAP® Business One 9.1.

Concretely, this new feature allows you to automatically reassign warehouses of work order's components based on the location (branch) where the work will be executed. So now you can pick up parts and perform your stocks transactions without hassle and with increased transparency!

Crew management: flexibility on bi-monthly and monthly control

Aero One® already helps you tracking crew assignment. We reinforced this part, allowing more flexibility on bi-monthly and monthly controls in order to cover more specific local regulations.  

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