2MoRO announces the release of the new Aero-Webb® version (v6.0). (compatible with SAP NetWeaver 7.3)

This one significantly improves the functional scope of the Maintenance Forecaster & Optimizer (MFO) and the Master Configuration Hub (MCH) modules.  It also add two new modules : Human Resources and Material Management.

Aero-Webb® is now compatible with SAP NetWeaver 7.3 and benefits from the new functionalities of this SAP Web Application Server version : new ergonomics, new portal functionalities, new user interface capabilities (Drag and Drop, Graphics,…).

On the functional side, one of the main improvements is on the objects workflow management of Aero-Webb, and in particular Master Configuration Hub (MCH) building block. It becomes possible to set dynamically the application with the real customer business context (with better data traceability and status tracking). The user interface has been improved to help customer to easily define the Referential data (IPC-Illustrated Parts Catalog), Part configuration, Service Bulletins (SB) and Airworthiness Directives (AD).

The maintenance scheduling (MFO) module has been enhanced with a new ergonomics and also an intelligent optimizer algorithm. The optimizer takes into account the complex ‘network’ of resources, logistics and aircraft capabilities to deliver capacity planning functionalities. Thanks to the optimizer, MFO can plan automatically the list of tasks to be performed in relation with Aircraft status (Line slots, Scheduled visits, etc…) and the resources capacities. Work packages and Word orders can be generated, planned and ‘pushed’ for execution, through AirM module (Aircraft Maintenance execution module of Aero-Webb) to propose an end to end maintenance process, from long term planning to shop/line maintenance execution.

In addition, two new Building Blocks have been integrated into the functional panel of Aero-Webb®.

Human Resources (HR) allows to manage people, their qualifications, their training program and activityplanning. These data can be exploited by existing core modules of Aero-Webb® : (1) @MFO to automatically get qualifications that are available per MRO center and per day/week when a maintenance scheduling is performed. (2) @FM to identify pilot and crew availability to plan flights et associated teams.

The second new module, Material Management (MM) enables inventory management. MM offers basic inventory transactions (good receipt, transfer, issues, etc…), it gives an accurate visibility of inventory levels (including bin management) based on real time and planned requirements. Thus, this module is integrated with @AirM module for execution  purposes (Parts, ingredients and tools requirements) and with @MFO to check and manage inventory levels in accordance with scheduled maintenance.