2MoRO is proud to announce that its Aero-Webb® web software suite 6.0, dedicated to the optimization of maintenance activities (fleet tracking, configuration control, inspection and decision making, planning and execution of maintenance tasks, ...), has successfully passed the certification test JAVA-EE-NW 7.3 provided by SAP and, therefore, received the "SAP Certified - Powered by SAP NetWeaver" logo. 


SAP is the leader of the ERP (Entreprise Resource Planning) software provider and thousands of Aviation companies in the world are using its standard functionalities. This certification confirms that all the rules and good development practices established by SAP were followed to ensure both a standardized integration of Aero-Webb® with SAP and an optimum use of the SAP NetWeaver Web server.

Aero-Webb® is designed to complete this ERP with standard & user-oriented MRO functionalities. This new certification illustrates the 2MoRO commitments to the SAP Aviation community. The SAP users can now take advantage of the latest Aero-Webb®off-the-shelf modules rather than spending time and money to complete SAP by developing specific additional functionalities or complex interfaces with other MRO software.

The Aero-Webb® connectivity cockpit also enables the connection with numerous other Information Systems (MIS, Flight Schedules, ERP, PLM, …) and is helpful for data migration phases. For all these reasons, certain customers have chosen Aero-Webb® even if they are not using the SAP ERP.