It is based on the v5.0 release of Aero-Webb® on the functional scope of the Fleet Management (FM) and Master Configuration Hub (MCH) modules.

Snecma is now able to track and control configurations (aircraft structures, engines, modules, parts…), update usage (potentials consumption, operator or owner transfers) and manage all event types (operational, assembly/disassembly, tasks or SB or AD application) attached to its new civil engines (SaM146 program).

Aero-Webb® proposes workflow oriented transactions with better data traceability and status tracking. The tool offers the possibility to easily link operational events to configuration or maintenance events in order to track performed actions on engines with their original causes. The research capabilities on events or assets table are with multi criteria (possibility to keep in memory these criteria) so that it becomes very simple to retrieve information, and get feedback on fleet data. Moreover, Failure, Malfunction and Defect forms are available in PDF or Excel output formats.

In addition, data loaders of Aero-Webb® are XML format compliant. For instance, our module FM is able to fully import assets and events information from external information systems. For the customer, it is now easy to take advantages of the FM added value functionalities.

Next steps will be to get feedback based on analysis of data acquired by the system and integrate military engines (M53, M88, Tyne, ATAR and LARZAC) that will come within the scope of the project in early 2012.