2MoRO is proud to announce that its Aero-Webb® software suite 6.1, dedicated to the optimization of the fleet management & the maintenance activities, has achieved the SAP® certification - powered by SAP® NetWeaver.

SAP® is  one of three world largest independent software supplier of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Thousands of aviation companies use SAP® standard features to manage their business processes.

Aero-Webb® is designed to complement this ERP with standard & user-oriented Part M and Part 145 functionalities (fleet tracking, airworthiness management,  configuration control, inspection and decision making, planning and execution of maintenance tasks, optimization of the availability of the asset ...). This new certification illustrates the 2MoRO commitment to the SAP® Aviation community. The SAP® users can now take advantage of the latest Aero-Webb® off-the-shelf features rather than spending time and money to complement SAP® by developing specific in-house functionalities or complex interfaces with other MRO software.

The Aero-Webb® also enables the connection with numerous other Information Systems (MIS, Flight Schedules, ERP, PLM, …) and is helpful for data migration phases.

For all these reasons, certain customers have also chosen Aero-Webb®, as an autonomous Maintenance Information System (MIS) even if they are not using the SAP® ERP.

Detailed description of the Aero-Webb® release 6.1

The release of the new Aero-Webb® version (v6.1) (compatible with SAP® NetWeaver 7.5) significantly improves the functional scope of aircraft maintenance process.

Aero-Webb® is now compatible with SAP® NetWeaver 7.5 and benefits from the new functionalities of this SAP® Web Application Server version: new ergonomics, new portal functionalities, new user interface capabilities, and Java 8.

On the functional side, main improvements are on airworthiness management, maintenance scheduling and maintenance execution.

It becomes possible to control in many ways (Tasks according to RMP/AMP, SB/AD, LLP, Doc, Configuration Control…) airworthiness of an aircraft or a fleet of aircraft. Maintenance scheduling and execution are fully integrated with material management and human resources modules allowing taking decisions efficiently on where and by whom the maintenance should be performed.

One of the major evolutions of the product has been the ergonomic redesign of the various modules. A single access point now provides access to Aero-Webb® functionalities according to the access rights of the logged-on user. Favorite’s management, preferred search criteria are all enrichments improving the user experience.


Several other improvements have been developed in Aero-Webb® 6.1:

• Light usage add-ons

  1. Line Maintenance
  2. Record Measures
  3. Maintenance Planner
  4. Flight log...

• SB/AD automatic integration & workflow

• Enhancement of integration with SAP ECC for MRO process

• Part 145:

  1. Bar codes / QR codes
  2. Workload & Capacity mgt
  3. Tasks rescheduling

• New Reports (FAA, EASA…)

Technically talking, Aero-Webb® back-end has been upgraded according to the latest releases of Java Spring & Hibernate frameworks.

Since version 6.1, Aero-Webb® can also run either on Oracle or PostgreSQL DBMS.