Welcome to this second episode of People of 2MoRO. Today, we are with Elodie, Aero-Webb 7.0 Project Manager. Through this interview, she will try to explain us what her job is about.

  • Introduce yourself…

My name is Elodie, and I have been Project Manager at 2MoRO for 7 years now. I first graduated from a Computer Science Master. Then, I have worked for 8 years on the development of on-board applications for aviation (in particular on A380 & A350 projects), and also as project manager for various customers.

  • What is your job ?

My work at 2MoRO is to manage the projects I work for, from ideas to operations. Since almost one year, I oversee the development of Aero-Webb 7.0, the newest version of 2MoRO’s Maintenance Information System (MIS). I manage a software development team of a dozen people, some based in India and others in France. A good relationship is essential because I try to coordinate the collaboration between all the actors of the project.

  • Do you work with other profiles ?

As a project manager, I am working with all the stakeholders of the project: customers, functional experts, software architects, development teams and integrators. Indeed, my role is to ensure that all these profiles communicate and collaborate efficiently, in order to ease daily progress of the project, and to respect deadline, budget and quality compliance.

  • What you love in your job…

I love working in the aviation industry because it is constantly evolving, and that makes our jobs very interesting and challenging. Process and rigor are at the core of my job because I have to ensure that software developments are made on time, following a precise road map.

  • Do you face any difficulties in your project management ?

Working in a multicultural environment is a very enriching experience, but is also complex. It demands adaptation due to jet lag, language barriers, different ways of working… Indeed, a good communication between the different teams and a daily follow-up is essential.

  • 3 needed qualities

Rigor - Team Spirit - Good Relationship

  • What you love at 2MoRO…

On one hand, I work on large-scale projects with aviation major players on challenging subjects, what is very interesting and stimulating. And on the other hand, the good atmosphere and strong team spirit at 2MoRO are very pleasant in everyday work.

Thank you Elodie for sharing with us how you feel about your job and the company. We remind you that Aero-Webb 7.0 will be live on June 17th 2019, so be ready and join us at the 2019 International Paris Airshow to discover all the newest features.