Hi Lydie, could you introduce yourself a little bit please ?

Hi ! Since September 2018, I am working as a developer for Aero One®, a SAP Business One add-on for aviation maintenance management, edited by 2MoRO. Before this job, I have worked in several IT companies in different sectors (air pollution control, surf/snow industry…).

Concerning my studies, I first graduated a computer science license in Bayonne. Then I ended with a Master degree in Information Systems Management.


What is your job about ?

As a developer for Aero One®, I have different missions :

-          Software development: mostly VB .NET, but also HTML/JavaScript and soon JAVA

-          Customer support: being sure that the software is correctly deployed for the specific needs of every customers

-          Analysis, tracking, and technological watch: being aware of trends, new technologies, and latest news is essential for the software evolution

-          Technical design of the product’s evolution: depending on customers’ demands or SAP roadmap follow-up, the software has to evolve

-          Implementation of specific customers’ needs


What do you like the most / the least in your job ?

What I love about my job is that it is very versatile: the scope of our missions is very wide, so you constantly have to adapt to new challenges. It has nothing to do with the classic vision of being a developer in front of the computer, typing the same things every day. Rather, one day from another, my missions change a lot with new challenges coming up with every customer.

Developing an add-on for SAP Business One can be both constraining and helpful. The negative side could be the obligation to fit the evolutions of the ERP, by precisely following the roadmap. However, the positive aspect is that it gives us a frame and a direction for the development of new functionalities that will complement SAP Business One.


Which qualities are needed for your job?

  • Adaptability: as we are dependent of the evolution of SAP Business One, one has to be able to adapt to the road-map and all technological constraints. We also have to adapt to functional needs of maintenance activities, what is the original purpose of our software.

  • Teamwork: within Aero One team, we work a lot together, indeed, being able to easily integrate our team is essential

  • Being passionate about IT development and IT in general

  • Rigor is also needed in everyday tasks

If you had to recommend 2MoRO to a potential candidate, what would you tell him-her ?

There is an amazing atmosphere between colleagues : at the office and outside, we can tell that we are a great team ! And of course, the geographic location is ideal !

I also have the impression that the management team does its best to listen to people, in order that every people can flourish in their work. We are part of a large group, but we still are a human scale company, what is very pleasant.


If you are interested, we are often looking for new talents to join our company —> job offers