The objective is to design and setup an AR application that assists technicians to perform their missions (inspection, evaluation, maintenance, repair tasks).

Tasks localization: Aircraft are difficult to maintain because of multiple complex systems and parts they are made of. With the use of AR, technicians can complete their job in a much easier and faster way because AR enables, just by looking through the aircraft, to point directly to the problem.

Tasks performance: Once the problem is localized, technicians can use AR to execute specific procedures matching with the context (ie. Dismounting procedure). In case of difficulty, technicians can share with experts in real-time the problem and tasks they already did. Experts, regardless of their localization, can guide technicians using AR to address the issue. Remotely showing with AR is far more efficient than talking, especially in multi-cultural environment.

Training: Efficient training can be performed with AR. “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” Confucius

Our challenges:

  • Enabling easy integration of the AR application within the existing Information System of the targeted companies (OEM, maintenance centers, aircraft operators)
  • Proposing a compatibility with a large number of mobile devices (AR glasses, identification tags, tablets, etc.)
  • Improving troubleshooting
  • Optimizing knowledge management (Storing data, search engines)