Did you know our solutions exist in 25+ countries accross the globe?

30% of 2MoRO's annual revenue is revested in r&d effort for a more innovative product experience

30% of 2MoRO's annual revenue is reinvested in r&d effort for a more innovative product experience


50% of business investments being made by the mid market are aimed to reduce cost 


10+ years of aerospace experience 


Customer-centric priorities deliver a 95% retention rate due to our participative road map


80% of revenues are generated by aerospace giants



2MoRO’s competitive advantage is that we truly understand the business need of Aviation & Defense (A&D) companies. More than software specialists, we speak the language of the MRO. Using this knowledge as a foundation to deliver powerful yet simple IT solutions, 2MoRO empowers A&D companies to meet their business objectives and even more. 

2MoRO is a fully owned subsidiary of Sopra Steria Group, European leader in digital transformation with more 40,000 employees in business & IT consulting, systems integration, software, infrastructure management and business process services.

Since the beginning, we also have leveraged the best in class ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) SAP technologies and know-how. By working alongside SAP, we have developed state of the art quality standards and have always stayed at the cutting edge of technologies.



Propose industry-leading solutions that sets the benchmark for quality, services and innovation. We want the best technologies for our customers.

We believe that our solutions have to adapt to our customers not the contrary and this, without sacrificing cost. Building flexible yet simple solution is our day to day leitmotif.

Our corporate vision is to stay ahead of our competitors – in terms of business functions as well as technological innovation.



Over more than 10 years, 2MoRO has been successfully developing, marketing and selling top notch MRO solutions with a strong will to be watchful and concerned by our customers' needs and wishes.

We have been driven by an uncompromising pursuit for quality and customer service. Our commitment to offer sustainable and innovative solutions steers the development of our solutions as well as our service delivery.

We have been working alongside the biggest players in the industry, which sets the pace in terms of best practices. We believe that our solutions reflect those high standards and we strive to stay at that level of quality.

We believe that taking care of our people is a paramount. Having an extremely low employee turnover has allowed us to continuously increase our know-how regarding MRO business processes and system technology. It is also a pledge of the commitment in the company and in our solutions.

Short overview of 2MoRO software functionalities

ISO 9001

2MoRO is certified ISO 9001 since 2007


2MoRO is a Quality-focused company. That is the reason why, since November 21st, 2007 2MoRO is ISO 9001-certified.

2MoRO is certified ISO 9001 / 2015 for:

  • Edition of innovative software and information systems for Aerospace & Defense

  • Specialized support and assistance in implementation of information systems for Aerospace & Defense

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